COVID-19 hits hard on everyone. We used to go to the gym to work out, eating out, and visit Salon. Now, we have to stay at home for everything. It’s especially hard to maintain your hair during this difficult time without all the professional hairstylists. Thus, we create this blog to give everyone out there some tips on how to maintain your natural hair without taking risks.

Skip shampoo sometimes

We all get that feeling of laziness since we stay at home most of the time. What you may not know is laziness may help your hair. The natural oil from your hair coats the scalp in the cholesterol, proteins, and fats its needs to thrive and protect your hair from bacteria.

While washing your hair, you want your shampoo to be gentle on your scalp and natural ingredients such as sunflower seed extract and Quinoa(key-n-wa) can help you with that. Check out Level23 Moisture shampoo to achieve the result you want! Made with natural mineral sources+ botanical (plant-based) protein catalyst to deliver what’s most important to you which is healthy manageable hair that is smooth, soft, strong, and shiny.

sunflower seeds

Keep a healthy diet

A healthy diet is imperative for your hair, especially during lockdown time. Adding egg, spinach, fish, and avocados to your diet can promote hair growth and make your hair stronger.

Spray your hair for some important meetings and occasions

You don’t want to look greasy and lazy for an important presentation. The way you show yourself even during the lockdown time can demonstrate a lot of who you are. The good news is you can take care of those important dates by putting in some extra effort. Try Level23 Salon Control Spray at home to get the salon at home experience. This humidity-resistant, shaping, and control spray provide texture, natural shine, and long-lasting touchable support. 


This is a difficult time to stay put but remember, as long as your hair looks good, nothing can beat you down!