What causes hair breakage

  • Lack of moisture
  • Heat damaged hair
  • Tension from styling
  • Ponytail holders and pins
  • Over processed hair
  • Improper detangling your hair

Proper hair and scalp analysis:

All successful salon services must begin with a thorough analysis of the condition of the client’s scalp and clients hair type.

During this process it allows your stylist to prepare and make the best decisions for the type of products to be used for your hair type. The observation includes texture, density, porosity, elasticity, and hair growth patterns. Having a professional stylist that you trust and keep regular appointments is a very important step to starting this haircare journey. Having proper product knowledge allows your stylist to use the best product to fit your haircare needs.

Haircare regiment

  • Get a proper scalp analysis to determine what products to use for your hair type (ex.4c very coarse hair needs a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo and detangling conditioner)
  • Brush your hair. Proper hair brushing stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and helps remove dust, dirt, hairspray build up, detangles, and remove unwanted hairs.
  • Shampooing the hair. This step allows you to remove all dirt, oils, cosmetics, and skin debris without affecting the scalp or hair. A good clarifying shampoo that doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils is recommended for this process.
  • Exfoliate and show your scalp some love!
  • Condition your hair. During this process, conditioner is applied to deposit protein or moisturizer to help restore hair strength, give hair body and protect hair against possible breakage. Conditioning treatments can restore luster, shine, manageability, and strength while the damaged hair grows long enough to be cut off and replaced by new hair.
  • Wash and go or brush and blow dry your hair. Wash and go is simply wearing your hair in its natural curl pattern, without using any tools or styling. During this process, a leave-in conditioner (level23 everyday miracle treatment ) is recommended to lock in moisture and keep hair soft and manageable. If you choose to brush and blow dry apply a thermal protector (everyday miracle treatment) to protect hair from blow drying and curling. During this stage, your professional stylist can determine if your ends need to be trimmed or not. Trimming ends to promote healthy hair growth and help maintain the shape of your style and remove naturally splitting ends.
  • Styling your hair and protecting those edges. I know some of you are at home beauticians but letting a professional help you along the way is crucial to your healthy hair care journey. Frequent styling and handling your hair increases the risks of knots, tangles, heat damage and split ends.
  • Use less heat! Knowing the proper settings on your flat irons help protect your hair from heat damage. Example: If you wear your hair out a wrap or pin it up at night to avoid curling every day. Try to get low maintenance protective styles to protect your hair as well. As far as those edges give them the proper TLC. Avoid any styles that put too much tension on this area. Give them moisture and nourishment (level23 amethyst oil ) which will allow them to flourish. The growth of your edges takes time and consistency. Are you willing to do the work?

Haircare products

Level23 haircare products is a must-have lineup of products with phenomenal performance, feel and fragrance.

We use natural mineral sources and botanical (plant-based) proteins to deliver hair that is soft, strong, and full of shine. Having a proper haircare system at home allows you to still to maintain healthy hair in between salon visits.

  • Moisture shampoo and conditioner (Sulfate and paraben free): This duo is recommended to drench your hair in moisture sealing the hair cuticle and protects the hair from fade and damage.
  • Everyday Miracle Treatment. This product detangles, boost moisture, smooth split ends, provides dramatic shine, and color retention while protecting hair from thermal styling. Also used as a leave-in conditioner.
  • Amethyst oil. Our amethyst oil adds luminous shine and major softness without weighing the hair down. This product also nourishes the scalp by alleviating itchiness and dryness.
  • In – control spray. This product has an adjustable holding power in your hands! It’s humidity resistant, shaping and control spray provides texture, natural shine, and long lasting touchable support.

This hair care system will allow you to maintain healthy hair at home or on the go. Once you find a hair care regiment that works for you it’s important to stay the course. Many of us will veer off course and experiment with other things. The challenge is once you figured out your hair care regiment are you really going to stick to it to get the desired results. You must be disciplined and determined to reach your hair goals. The process of maintaining healthy hair does not work without your love and dedication.

The question remains….. Are you ready to start your healthy hair care journey with level23 salon? Get in touch today to start your journey towards better healthy hair!